Your Custom Designs

Your Custom Designs

Has something inspired you to imagine a design of your own?

Our in-house designers can help you make that happen. We cannot copy an existing design or trademarked logo from someone else, but we can use it as a jumping off point to create something even more unique for you, by you! Upcharges apply.

Custom Options

1. Alter an Existing Design

Would you like to create one of our existing designs, but the artwork featured may not be your style? We can help by altering the design with artwork that speaks to you. $25 upcharge/ Includes 2 edit proofs

Alert an Existing Design

2. Create Your Own Design

Do you want to create a design or text that has inspired you? Grab a photo or sketch out your inspiration design. We have listed our most popular font combinations to aid in the process. $10 upcharge/ Includes 2 edit proofs

Create Your Own Design

Let's Get Started

Submit the information below and one of our designers will be in touch. Please allow at least one week for the design process.

1. Contact Information

2. Attach Inspiration Photo or Sketch

Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, Max. file size: 2 MB.

3. Notes About the Project

Give Details about design, changes, colors, names, text and correct spelling.

4. Fonts

We recommend choosing 1-2 fonts per design. Choose one of our most popular fonts or font pairings below.
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5. Project Size

Review Project Sizes Below
Project Sizes